School Code

Children behave well at St John’s!

We want children to enjoy coming to school and to feel safe while they are here. To do that the children and teachers talked about how we wished everyone to behave during the school day and we then wrote out  ‘School code’.

At St. John’s we aim to develop self-discipline and respect for the needs of others within an agreed code of conduct. Our school behaviour management policy is a positive one emphasising and rewarding good behaviour while dealing firmly and quickly with unacceptable behaviour. Our school code has been drawn up by the teachers and children following discussions on how we wish everyone to behave towards one another during the school day.



We agree that we will:

  • Work and play co-operatively
  • Only use words that are kind, thoughtful and true
  • Look after our bodies and move around the school safely and quietly
  • Look after our school, taking care of equipment and other people’s things
  • Try our best to be smart, tidy and on time every day

We try hard to live by the code and take responsibility for our own behaviour. That mean we are honest about the times we make mistakes and accept the consequence of that, and we celebrate the times when we keep the code, and enjoy the school’s rewards.