Internet Safety

The internet is an amazing place! Most of us use it every day. We can search for information and find things out. We can see pictures of faraway places and talk to people on the other side of the world. We can share things with our family and friends and publish information of our own like photographs or diaries. We can do all of this just by pushing a few buttons!

The internet keeps us up to date with what’s going on. Many of us would find it hard to be without it, even for a few days! Access to the internet is all over the place: from our PCs, our mobile phones, our televisions and our games consoles. It’s almost impossible to escape the world wide web, even if you wanted to!

The thing to remember is that the internet is an anonymous place. A place where anybody in the world can be publishing anything they like, pretending to be anybody. It’s important to remember that anyone can put anything on the internet. Following the simple rules below will help to keep you safe online:

Be SMART online

Secret (keep your address, email address, full name, phone number and school a secret)
Meeting (never agree to meet someone you’ve only met online)
Attachments (junk email can be dangerous so don’t just open them)
Reliable (remember that what you see online may not be true)
Tell (if you see anything that makes you feel unsafe online)

Download our home school Internet Safety Agreements below.


To keep yourself safe at home and school, take a look at these websites for some interesting advice: