Our School

St John’s CE Primary School is an academy school, whose purpose is to educate children according to Christian principles and within a Christian framework.  We have a strong Christian ethos which is based on Christian principles; we ask all families and staff to respect our ethos. The governors and staff aim to make the school a place where Christian love and commitment is experienced in everyday life.

The original 1884 Victorian school building was rebuilt in 1991 when the capacity for places was doubled, from 210 pupils to 420 pupils, and a nursery class was added. The school is situated approximately two miles south east of the city centre.  It is located between the Sparkhill swimming bath and the park.  Some classrooms overlook the park and the play areas are situated in the park.

The school governors, most of whom are appointed by the church, are responsible for religious education, for the appointment of staff and for admitting pupils.  The Church of England has a financial responsibility towards improvements, rebuilding and for external maintenance. The education and building standards apply to church schools as well as to all community schools; church schools are inspected by Registered Inspectors in the same way as community schools.

St John’s was last inspected by OFSTED in November 2014,  (see OFSTED report www.ofsted.gov.uk). The last Church School inspection was December 2012. We were graded Outstanding for all elements in both reports.

All areas of the school and grounds are designated NO SMOKING areas because of the harmful effect of smoking on others. This church school upholds the right of parents to have their children instructed in the Christian faith. Children of all denominations and of all faiths, (including those of no faith), are admitted according to the governors’ admissions policy.  All applicants are put on a waiting list and parents are informed by the headteacher if and when a place can be offered to them, (the school is always oversubscribed).

Children are admitted at the beginning of the academic year in which they are five.  Sixty children are admitted each year. St John’s is a bright modern building; children tell us they like the fact that their school is clean!